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30P easy IO Sedona Controller Ethernet Bacnet Modbus  (showroom demo unit)
30P easy IO Sedona Controller Ethernet Bacnet Modbus (showroom demo unit)
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30P easy IO Sedona Controller Ethernet Bacnet Modbus (showroom demo unit)
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Showroom demo
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Please note this is a showroom demo unit ( it is new, and was never used. was used to display and show clients. Unit may have a few cosmetic imperfections) 
Contact us to get detailed picture if this is a problem for you . This is a discontinued line of product , Sales are final.

  • High-Speed Data Rates
    Multiple serial communication (RS485) speed selection from 9.6kbps to 76.8kbps. Supports Ethernet 10Base- T/ 100Base-T interface, half or full duplex.

  • Device ID
    Complementing existing standard protocols, EasyIO- 30P can be uniquely identified over the network. This facilitating online network device search and simplify reconfiguration.

  • Network Security
    All configurations changes are protected via password setting, either through standard network protocol access (Bacnet) or web browser.

  • Multiple Input/Output Type
    The controller has eight Digital Inputs, eight Analogue Input for current, voltage, resistance and temperature sensor, eight Digital Outputs (relay), four Analogue Output (current and voltage), and two isolated Open Collector outputs (with PWM control) for high speed switching.

  • High Accuracy Analogue Channels
    High speed 14-bits A/D converter with programmable gain amplifier yields a high resolution and accuracy reading on analogue input points. 12-bits D/A provides more accurate analogue output control.

  • Programmable/Standalone Functionality
    The controller can be configured to operate as standalone device. Over 40 types of programmable functions are available, typically thermostat, PID, scheduler, conversion, timer, utilities, totaliser and etc.
  • Online Help/Information
    All related information/helps are available through the controller web server. Information such as registers details, wiring diagram, device specification and etc are provided to assist the user.

  • Status Indicator
    Operational activity on each individual channel of DI, DO and Open Collector Outputs (PWM) are conveniently indicated by LED, so as the Power, Operation, Communication and Faults status.

  • Reset & Broadcast Switch
    A Reset Switch has been provided for system reset without power removal (Warm Start operation). The Broadcast Switch allows the controller to broadcast itself to the network during installation and implementation.

  • Online Firmware Upgrade/Configuration
    The controller firmware can be upgraded either through RS485 or Ethernet connection.
    Network communication and operation parameters can be changed via RS485/Ethernet with the built-in boot-loader and terminal program.

  • Robust System Operation
    The controller has a built-in High accuracy Real Time clock with backup battery. Software and hardware watchdog timer are provided for high reliability operation.

  • Ease of Installation
    All I/Os are connected via field removable terminal block connectors for easy maintenance. The controller casing fits standard DIN rail mounting.
Feature 6

Input/Output Configuration

Universal Input:

  • 8 Channels
  • Voltage: 0 - 10V (+/-0.005V) , 0 - 5V (+/- 0.003V)
  • Current: 4 - 20mA (+/-0.01mA) , 0 - 20mA (+/-0.01mA)
  • Resistance: 0 - 30K (+/-10 Ohm), 0 - 10K (+/-5 Ohm), 0 - 1.5K(+/-1 Ohm)
  • Thermistor: 10K, 10K Shunt, 1K Balco, 1K Platinum : All (+/-0.01C)

Digital Input:

  • 8 Channels
  • Type: Voltage Free
  • Limit: +5V at 500Ohm Resistance maximum Digital Output:
  • 8 Channels
  • Type: Relay Contacts, SPST NO, 48VA at 24VAC, Pilot Duty

Transistor Output:

  • 2 Channels
  • Type: Open Collector Output, Isolation 3.75KV
  • Max Rating: 1A, 60V Analogue Output
  • 4 Channels (12 bits resolution)
  • Type: Current: 0 - 20mA, 4 - 20mA (up to 800 Ohm load), Voltage: 0 - 10V
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