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Changing analog output into Digital
Posted by Richard Marier on 8/19/2014 to Niagara AX

We all had a project where we needed one or two extra digital outputs to make it happen…

There are a couple of situation where can take an extra IO and you justify the expense by telling the client he will have some extra space.
Sometimes the project requirement will have a 10-15% extra IO required for a job, so you need to add those IO.

Most of the time, you have plenty of analog out left and you as stuck with adding an IO for only one digital out.

Fortunately there is a new solution for this occasional problem.
The ADA1 and ADA2 from Myo Solution.

The ADA is a compact module that converts the 0 to 10 Volts output into a digital relay. It uses the output current of the IO to power itself.
The ADA uses between 0.5 to 3.5ma to operate, well under the 4ma of most controllers.


No external power

Because it requires no external power, the module is very small and will fit directly between the pins on a standard 5mm spacing connector.

You can effectively stack them together on every IO of the controller.

Requiring no external power also mean you can run a two wires cable from your controller and install the module directly inside the equipment to be controlled and not have to worry about finding local power .


Not mechanical

Since the ADA is not a mechanical relay, it can be used for pulsing devices or in places that are tight with available space.

For example, it would be possible to shrink wrap the ADA1 and use it inline inside a single gang box behind a wall sensor or thermostat.

With the ADA2, it would be possible to use its two outputs to control a floating damper motor.



Of course you will need to change some of your programming if you are intending to use the analog as digital outs.

The Idea is to consider 0 to be OFF and 10V to be ON.

The ADA uses 0 to 3 volts as an OFF signal  and anything above 3.1 Volts as an ON.



Overall the ADA1 and ADA2 are a  good tool to have in your bag of tricks.
In some cases It can save you from purchasing a complete IO module

In other cases it can make it possible to control devices that would not normally be possible using a regular mechanical relay.



Links to the product detail here:

ADA1 0-10V to relay converter

ADA2 0 to 10V JACE analog to relay converter


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 Changing analog output into Digital
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