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iMod Modbus
Power monitoring
Power supply
Room controllers
VAV box
Controls HVAC Niagara Tridium, Lynxspring and used controllers - Product Index
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EVC - VAV Unit Controller Series Modbus and Bacnet ( wall sensor not included)
Programable Modbus controller iMod 1084
10K Type II stainless steel temperature sensor
10K type III Room sensor for Tridium Controllers and others
10K type III sensor for Tridium Controllers and others
120VAC to 24VAC transformer
18AWG 2 Conductors, twisted pair, FT4,300V,105C
18GA 3 Conductors, (triad) twisted triad, shielded FT4,600V,105C MSTP RS485 cable
24 VAC or DC LED strobe light with horn
24WAG 1 PAIR Twisted with Shield FT4
24WAG 3 Conductors Twisted with Shield FT4
3 output DC power supply
30 minutes phone support
30P easy IO Sedona Controller Ethernet Bacnet Modbus (showroom demo unit)
4 Amp 24VAC circuit breaker
4 Amp 24VAC circuit breaker with pilot lamp and ON/OFF
A/100-3W-R RTD wall sensor
ADA-1-V3 (0-10V relay for DDC HVAC) (HS 9032.89.10.92)
Belimo 1-1/2", 3 way valve and actuator Cv 46, 2-10V signal with terminals
Belimo 2", 3 way valve and actuator CV83, 2-10V signal with terminals
Building Controls Cabinet HVAC NEMA1 UL CSA 14ga
C1050 VAV controller with no actuator
CO2 duct sensor
Custom programming units
DIN 4 Amp 24VAC circuit breaker
Din mountable relay
DPG-200 Digital Pressure Gage
Duct sensor 10K type 2 for tridium
Edge 534 BACnet Onyxx Expansion Module - 34 point IO Module connection via BACnet MS/TP to BACnet Lynxspring
EDGE 534 Niagara 4 CONTROLLER ( with Initial Maintenance)
EDGE 534 Onyxx Expansion Module - 34 point IO Module Lynxspring
Electric baseboard SSR Triac
Exhaust Fan Control unit
Fan Coil Wall Mount Controller
FC-20 Easy IO MSTP Bacnet Modbus
FG-20 Easy IO Ethernet ModBus, bacNet Sedona Controller
FG-32 Easy IO Ethernet Bacnet Modbus Sedona controller W/HTML 5 graphic s
Gas or Liquid Pressure Sensor
GE CO2 duct sensor
GP-100-20 ( please select type)
Hand On/Off Auto interface for DDC HVAC
JACE-2/3/6 NiMH Battery (HS 9032.89.10.92) _______ INCLUDING FREE SHIPPING to USA and Canada
LON 22AWG 2 Conductors, twisted pair, FT6, 300V, 75C Lon/Echelon (HS 8544490019)
Low voltage room controller thermostat
MUC-07 Modbus Controller
Myo Tridium 10K type 2 Room sensor
Myo Tridium 10K type 2 well sensor
Myo Tridium 10K type2 outdoor sensor
Occupancy Motion sensor 24V AC (HS 9032.89.10.92)
Outdoor Air Temperature and Relative Humidity
Outside air Sensor 10K III
PL-485-BT RS485 Bluetooth adapter for Focus
RS485 isolator
Service call
Service call 10 hours bundle
Snap track for ADA 6"
Split Core Current sensor 0-50A Clamp on CT
T1000 Prolon Room sensor
T200 Prolon Room sensor
T500 Prolon Room sensor
TFC24F3XYZ3 - Fan Coil Wall Mount Controller
Thermostat Covers (guard)
TripLogik Business Mileage logger
TRL24 and TRL54 VAV thermostat
TRO54 - VAV Wall Mount Controller
VC2000 VAV controller Modbus and bacNet
WattNode BACnet
WattNode Logger for LonWorks
WattNode Modbus
Wire Duct 2.3" x 2.3" x 72" with covers
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